I have this deep longing inside me. I thought it would go away. That it’s hold on me would diminish over time. But as I grow older, the pressure to express what’s inside of me is building up and ready to explode.

Perhaps you can relate…

At first, it’s like someone calling you in the far off distance. You’re not sure if it’s real or you’re just imagining it. Sometimes, the call goes totally silent and you strain yourself trying to make out distant sounds and assign them to the call.

Perhaps you’re busy with work, family, life and for a time you forget there was ever a call.

But then, under the surface of everyday life, you start to hear it again. The call. And it begins to get louder. You continue to ignore it while yearning to hear it. You have a part that longs for the call and a part that runs in the other direction as fast as it can.

Eventually, the tension of not answering the call becomes greater than ignoring it.

You know there is magic inside you. Possibilities of greatness lying dormant. You just want these rumblings within to either go away or take hold of you and shake your resistance out of you, so you can finally birth your genius from the land of potential into reality.

In the quiet of the early morning, when everything is still, perhaps you can hear it… the yearning of your soul. Not to fix yourself for you were never broken, but to step into your circle of greatness and discover your own genius that has always been within.

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