Fast Book Writing

Fast Book Writing

Write your non-fiction book in 30 days or less!
New and updated, 2nd Edition.

This is a practical book to help you write your non-fiction book in 30 days or less. Using simple processes and practices, you really can get your book finished and out into the world.

Fast Book Writing by Ayesha Hilton

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One in ten people dream of writing a book, yet so few actually do. If one of your aspirations in life is to write a book, then you need FAST Book Writing. This book shows you how to write your non-fiction book quickly and easily.

FAST Book writing will help you:

  • Get the clarity you need about your ideal reader avatar
  • Have a clear purpose and objective for writing your book
  • Work out what to write about
  • Find the best - and quickest - way to write your book

You will also find out what success strategies you can put in place to achieve your dream of writing your book.

Grow your business and your profile easily by becoming an author. There is no better time to write a book. It is easier than ever to get published. A book will position you as an expert in your niche and attract more high paying clients to your business.

Here's what others are saying about FAST  Book Writing

“As a published author, I know just how hard it can be to sit down and write a book. Ayesha demystifies the process and breaks it down into simple steps so you can write your book fast rather than struggling for years. I now hope to write many more books much faster by applying Ayesha’s strategies."

Dr Karen PhillipPsychotherapist & Entrepreneur,
Author of OMG We're Getting Married & Who Runs Your House

"As an author and publisher, I wish everyone who dreams of writing a book and sharing their story with the world would read this book. Practical. Easy to read. And engaging. I will be recommending Ayesha's FAST Book Writing book to my friends, colleagues and clients."

Kristy-Lea Tritz, Best Selling Author, Publisher and Heart-Centered Coach

"A practical, no-nonsense guide to take you from procrastination to publishing without fear. A recommended read for every aspiring author."

Dan Munroe , Confidence Coach & Author of The Legendary Life

"I love this book! After procrastinating on my own book (with the usual excuses that Ayesha talks about!), I read "Fast Book Writing" and got more writing done in the last few days than in the previous few months! It's easy to read and packed with valuable advice ... I'll be recommending it to all of my coaching clients who feel the urge to write a book!"

Marc Mawhinney, Coach/Creator & host of the "Natural Born Coaches" podcast

"The best way to gain an edge on your competitors is to write a book. It instantly sets you apart and makes you an authority in your marketplace. From this point, making sales and getting publicity and creating a marketing campaign is infinitely easier.

If you know you should write a book but haven't. Or you've been putting it off because you don't know where (or how) to start then here's some free advice. Get your hands on Ayesha Hilton's book, Fast Book Writing.

It gives you a simple roadmap for getting your first book written. There's no fluff or filler. Just practical information for any budding author that is ready to become a leader in their field. If you follow Ayesha's advice you'll be an author within the next 30 days.
Go for it. There's really no excuse."

Cameron Strachan, Author, Blogger & Golf Coach

“I think this book is a fantastic tool to enable people who dream of writing a book to take that first step. Ayesha seems genuinely motivated to help see others succeed in achieving their dreams. Her support through One Heart to provide an education to an orphaned girl in Kenya who dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon will no doubt have an incredible ripple effect as one transformed life saves so many more.”

Dean Landy, Founder/Director of One Heart Foundation

Fast Book Writing Ayesha Hilton