AI & Oracle Deck Creation

Starting in 2023 and exploding in 2024, there are so many AI tools available to the general public. Nearly every software platform, from Photoshop, to Microsoft Word, to Canva, and Zoom are now incorporating AI tools into their workflows. 

Now, you might be wondering, "How can AI possibly help with something as personal and intuitive as creating oracle cards?" Well, that's where the magic happens!

There’s an opportunity to use AI in the creation of oracle card decks that makes it easier and quicker to produce a deck. Yes, there are some terrible decks out there, some made with AI, some not.

As someone who has created a lot of decks, both for myself and for clients, AI has opened up the possibilities of what can be created. In the past, myself and clients were limited in the artwork we could use. We had to either find and then hire a designer, buy stock images, or source free images. Now, we can generate images, and often really beautiful images, quickly and easily.

A lot of people have shared on social media that AI has no heart compared to human art. There is a lot of AI generated crap out there, but the stuff I have generated with AI is so stunningly beautiful at times, it takes my breath away. There’s a kind of alchemy that can happen when working with some AI tools. 

Generating Card Meanings and Interpretations with AI

One of the most exciting ways AI can assist in creating oracle cards is by generating card meanings and interpretations. Thanks to tools like ChatGPT, we can provide prompts and let the AI work its magic, crafting thoughtful and insightful interpretations for each card.

For example, you could prompt the AI with a concept or theme, such as "love and relationships," and it could generate a beautiful interpretation for that card, drawing from its vast knowledge base. Or, you could provide a more specific prompt, like "a card representing the joy of new beginnings," and the AI will create a unique meaning and interpretation tailored to that concept.

Designing Card Imagery with AI

But oracle cards aren't just about the meanings – the visuals play a crucial role in capturing the essence of each card. And guess what? AI can lend a hand (or a neural network) in creating stunning card imagery too!

Thanks to image generation models like DALL-E or Midjourney, you can craft detailed prompts to generate captivating visuals for your oracle cards. For instance, you could prompt the AI with "a mystical forest scene with a glowing fairy sitting on a mushroom" and let the model work its magic, creating a beautiful and unique image for your card.

Combining AI-Generated Content

Once you have your AI-generated card meanings and visuals, it's time to bring them together into cohesive oracle card designs. This is where your creative juices really get to flow! You can use various tools and techniques to merge the text and images, adding personal touches and unique elements to make each card truly your own. 

I personally design in Canva even though I can use Photoshop and Illustrator and other tools. Canva is so user friendly and if you have a Pro account, you have access to additional elements and fonts (always check Canva’s ever changing rules regarding use of their assets).

Personalizing and Refining the Cards 

While AI can provide an incredible starting point, it's important to remember that these cards are a reflection of your creativity and personal journey. Don't be afraid to refine and personalize the AI-generated content, editing the text and visuals to better align with your vision and style.

Maybe you want to add a personal symbol or meaningful phrase to a card. Or perhaps you want to tweak the color palette or adjust the composition of an image. The beauty of using AI is that it gives you a solid foundation to build upon, allowing you to infuse your own unique perspective and artistic flair.

Printing and Publishing Your AI-Created Oracle Deck

Once you've crafted your one-of-a-kind oracle card deck, it's time to bring it to life! There are various options for printing and self-publishing your cards, from online print-on-demand services to local print shops, as well as bulk printing in China. You can even explore the possibility of commercial distribution if you're feeling ambitious. I also highly recommend publishing our deck on the digital deck marketplace and app, Deckible.

Ethical Considerations and Limitations

Now, as exciting as using AI for creative projects like this can be, it's important to acknowledge potential biases and limitations. AI models are trained on existing data, which means they can sometimes perpetuate societal biases or produce content that may be insensitive or offensive (though inadvertently). The tools are getting better at addressing this.

If I am working on a deck with people in the card designs, I like to have a good representation of different backgrounds, ages, and body sizes.

It's crucial to approach AI-generated content with a critical eye and make necessary edits and adjustments to ensure your oracle cards align with your values and promote inclusivity and respect. In the early days of generative image generation, there were often too many fingers in images of people. The newer versions of Dall-E and Midjourney are getting better at not having 6 fingers, but you still need to count them to make sure!

Additionally, while AI can be an incredible tool for creativity, it's important to remember that it's not a replacement for human intuition, spirituality, and personal experience. The true magic of oracle cards lies in the personal connections and insights you derive from them, something that AI can assist with but not fully replicate.

Future Possibilities 

As we wrap up our journey into the world of AI-created oracle cards, it's exciting to imagine the future possibilities of this technology in creative endeavors. With AI constantly evolving and becoming more advanced, who knows what new avenues for artistic expression will open up?

For now, we can enjoy the fact that we have the power to blend the ancient art of divination with cutting-edge technology, creating truly unique and personal oracle card decks that capture the essence of both the mystical and the modern.

So, go forth, my creative friends! Experiment, explore, and let your intuition and the assistance of AI guide you in creating something truly magical. Who knows? Your AI-created oracle cards might just become the next big thing in the world of divination and self-discovery.

Happy creating!


Can AI fully replace artists in creating Oracle decks?

While AI can generate beautiful and intricate designs, the creator’s role in interpreting and infusing meaning into each card remains indispensable. AI is a tool, not a replacement.

Is there a risk of losing personal touch with AI-created images?

There can be, which is why it’s important to stay involved in every step of the design process. Use AI as a starting point but personalize and tweak each image to ensure your deck retains a heartfelt and individual essence.

How can I ensure the uniqueness of my AI-generated Oracle deck?

Customize AI outputs by mixing elements, applying unique color schemes, or adding personal symbols. This will ensure your deck stands out and truly embodies your vision.

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