What are Permission Slips?

Permission slips are a way of stating an intention that can stop you from getting in your own way.

Brené Brown describes permission slips as:

“A practical and familiar way to think about what might get in the way of us talking about how we feel, asking for what we need, or trying something new.”

Permission slips can be useful for teaching us to think about what we might need from ourselves and others.

Be mindful that permission slips are not promissory notes. They are a way to state and write down your intentions. There are no repercussions if you don't achieve your intention.

What permission can we give ourselves?

Most of us are aware of the permission slips that caregivers have to give students. But we seldom think about what we might want to give ourselves permission to do.

We often limit ourselves by staying in specific boxes and don't allow ourselves to feel, think or do things we long for.

We might think we aren't worthy, deserving, or just downright odd, or we worry about the judgement of others.

But what if we could give ourselves permission to be whatever and whoever we truly desire!

What if you gave yourself permission to step into your truest potential of yourself?

How can you use permission slips in meetings?

In Dare to Lead, Brené Brown shares how permission slips can be used in team meetings to build a container for an activity to help establish safety. When you are stepping into a vulnerable situation, you can write a permission slip about how you want to show up and put it in your pocket as a reminder of your intentions. Permission slips are personal and should always be a choice. You don't want to force people to do them.

How do you write your own permission slips?

You can write your own permission slips. You can write them on any paper or on post-it-notes.

Think about something you want write now where you are feeling a block or resistance.

Write down: 
I give myself permission to <write what you're giving yourself permission to do/create/be>

Permission Slip Ideas

I give myself permission to relax and have fun

I give myself permission to honour my own needs

I give myself permission to speak my truth

I give myself permission to want what I truly want

I give myself permission to have a great sex life

I give myself permission to say No

I give myself permission to make lots of money

I give myself permission to dance like no one is watching

I give myself permission to forgive myself

I give myself permission to be kind to myself

I give myself permission to be vulnerable

Now...It's your turn

Spend a few minutes right now writing out some permission slips that are suitable for what you are facing at the moment in your life.

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Permission Slips inspired by brene brown
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