Permission Slips

Brené Brown inspired Permission Slips

Do you love oracle or inspirational affirmation cards?

Do you love Brené Brown?

Then you will adore these little permission slips.

Brené Brown inspired Permission Slip Card Deck

What are Permission Slips?

Permission slips are a way of stating an intention that can stop you from getting in your own way.

Brené Brown describes permission slips as,“A practical and familiar way to think about what might get in the way of us talking about how we feel, asking for what we need, or trying something new.”

What permission can we give ourselves?

We often limit ourselves by staying in specific boxes and don't allow ourselves to feel, think or do things we long for.

We might think we aren't worthy, deserving, or just downright odd, or we worry about the judgement of others.

But what if we could give ourselves permission to be whatever and whoever we truly desire!

What if you gave yourself permission to step into your truest potential of yourself? 

What can you give yourself permission to do, be or have? Wow, I wonder how that would feel!

How cute are these!

Get 54 gorgeous permission slips. This card deck is so cute. People love that they fit in the palm of their hand.

Many healers and therapists have purchased these and have them in a little bowl on their desk or entry table. Their clients love to select one on each visit.

Though be warned, people often want to take their card home with them!

They also make lovely gifts!

What Inspired these Permission Slips?

As a child, we were given permission slips to go to the loo or some other errand at school.

I first heard about Permission Slips for adults when I did Brené Brown's course that she hosted with Oprah called the Gifts of Imperfection.

As I read my way through Brené Brown's many books, I read more about permission slips. As I was reading Braving the Wilderness, I was inspired to create my own permission slips and get them printed as gorgeous oracle cards.

I designed them in Canva and then got them printed with a Print on Demand Company. Learning how to do this, then led me to share my experience with other people who wanted to create their own card deck.

I have since created another set of cards called Spiritualpreneur Permission Slips.

Get Your Adorable Set of Permission Slips

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