Why Should Publish Your Deck on Deckible?
Join the Deck Revolution!

Deckible is revolutionizing the card deck industry.  

Just like the self-publishing of books disrupted the book publishing industry, Deckible is changing the card deck publishing.

 And you get to be part of the revolution and publish your deck on this amazing platform. 

7 Reasons to Publish Your Deck on Deckible

Deckible Market place

1. Digitizing Decks

We have seen the successful digitizing of books, music and videos - think Audible, Spotify, Amazon KDP, Netflix, etc. 
Until Deckible, there hasn't been a great app for decks that is sophisticated and easy to use.

2. 100s of Decks in Your Pocket

We all have mobile phones and with Deckible, you can have 100s of decks in your pocket anytime, anywhere.  Deck lovers can access decks anywhere, anytime!

Deckilble Marketing place 1

3. Deck Marketplace

Deckible is a targeted marketplace for deck lovers. As deck creators, we all know how easy it is to want more decks. Deckible provides exposure to people who love decks and are potential purchasers of your deck - all around the world! If you think of Audible, Etsy, Amazon - they are all marketplaces and now we have one for card decks. 
And if you do have a physical deck, you can link to that from your digital deck on Deckible.

4. Enhanced User Experience

With Deckible, you can include audio and video to support your deck, as well as journaling prompts. Readings are saved. People can journal straight into the app. And you can even create custom spreads. This is an amazing opportunity to build connection with your deck users and provide a multi-sensory experience.

Deckible Save the environment

5. Good for the Environment

With Deckible, we no longer need to print as many paper decks nor ship them. This means less resources are used to get our decks into deck lovers' hands. Less consumption of resources is good for the environment!

Deckible Save time and money

6. Saves You Time & Money

Deckible takes care of selling your deck, so you don't have to set up a shopping cart or doing anything technically fancy. You get to be part of an ever-growing global market place - without having to pay for expensive printing and shipping.  And you can still sell a physical deck as well.

7. Supporting the Creator Community

Deckible was created by Nick Kellet to support the card deck creator community. The premise of the whole app is to build our community and support our creative work. You own your work and you get to set the price and still sell a print deck!

Find out more about Deckible: www.deckible.com

Learn How to Publish Your Deck on Deckible

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Ayesha Hilton

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Hello! I'm Ayesha (pronounced eye-sha). I am an avid card deck lover and collector. I publish my own card decks and teach other creators how to design, print, and publish their own card decks with courses and strategy sessions. I am passionate about supporting you to express your brilliance with the world!

Have fun creating!

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