What is the difference between publishing a digital deck on Deckible and a print deck?

There are a few things you need to consider when planning a digital deck that is different from a printed deck.

8 Differences between a digital deck and a print deck

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1. Number of Sides

With a digital deck, you are not limited to only 2 sides like you are with a print deck. This means you can be creative in how you deliver the content you wish to share for each card. 

For example, you may have on side that just had a repeating image for all the backs of the cards, then a card message, and then a journal prompt for that card.

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2. No Need for a Book

You don't need a separate book for your deck. You can have the card message, and then a card (or more than one) that describes the card's message. The beauty of this is that people don't have to look up the meaning of the card in a book as all the information is supplied with each card in Deckible.

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3. Multimedia Content

Audio and video are a powerful addition to the card lover's experience. It enables you to value add and create a really rich experience for the user. You can add video or audio files for each card or for just select cards. You could even have a mediation card that has a meditation that works for the whole deck. You can also do a video introducing the deck and yourself that work with your explainer/instruction cards.

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4. In App Journaling

People can can journal about a card or spread right in the app. The app keeps tracks of all card pulls and journaling pages. You may like to invite users to journal via a journal prompt card for each individual card or a general journal prompt card as one of your explainer/instruction cards.

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5. Explainer Cards or Guidebook Cards

I like to include cards that are not included in the spreads or shuffle, but are at the front of the deck that tell the user a little about the deck, how to use it, and about the creator. You tag these as instruction or explainer cards in the datasheet so they are excluded from the shuffle.

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6. Create Your Own Spreads

I love that you can create your own spreads and that people can select the spread and Deckible will fill the spread with cards automatically! It makes doing complex spreads, especially, so much easier for the user.

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7. No Shipping

I love that you don't have to ship and Deckible delivers the experience to the user with nothing for us to do! And it's also great for the environment.

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8. Deck Marketplace

There is no central marketplace for printed cards. Many card creators sell their decks on etsy as it is a popular market place for makers. Deckible is the only specific market place for digital decks and the great thing is you can also promote your print decks from your digital deck.

Find out more about Deckible: www.deckible.com

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