Self-Publishing Your Oracle or Tarot Deck

Self-publishing is a powerful avenue for bringing your creative vision to life, especially in the realm of oracle cards. It offers creators the opportunity to maintain full control over their projects and share their unique insights and wisdom with the world. In this blog post, we'll delve into what self-publishing entails for oracle cards, explore its benefits, and discuss the challenges you may encounter along the way.

I personally love self-publishing and I have dedicated my business to this model of getting decks and books out into the world. I first self published a books, journals, and coloring books in 2016. I also published a book with my ex-husband with a hybrid publisher. 

What is Self-Publishing for Oracle Cards?

Self-publishing is the process of independently creating, producing, and distributing your oracle cards without the involvement of a traditional publisher or hybrid publishing company. It allows creators to have complete artistic and creative control over their decks, from the card design and symbolism to distribution and marketing.

Benefits of Self-Publishing Oracle Cards

  1. Creative Control: Perhaps the most significant advantage of self-publishing oracle cards is the level of creative control it affords you. You have the freedom to shape every aspect of your deck, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your vision and message.
  2. Artistic Expression: Self-publishing encourages artistic expression and individuality. You can choose the artwork, symbols, and themes that resonate most with your personal style and spiritual insights.
  3. No Gatekeepers: When self-publishing, you don't need to go through traditional publishing gatekeepers or meet specific industry standards. Your deck can be as unique and unconventional as you desire.
  4. Higher Royalties: Since you're not sharing profits with a publishing company, you have the potential to earn higher royalties for each deck sold.
  5. Flexibility: Self-publishing allows you to set your schedule and determine the pace of your project. You can choose the printing and distribution methods that suit your needs and budget.

Challenges of Self-Publishing Oracle Cards

  1. Financial Investment: Self-publishing requires a financial investment, especially in the initial stages. Creators must cover costs such as artwork, design, printing, and marketing. It's crucial to budget wisely to avoid overspending.
  2. Learning Curve: Self-publishing may involve a steep learning curve, particularly if you're new to the publishing industry. You'll need to acquire skills in graphic design, project management, and marketing.
  3. Marketing and Distribution: Promoting and distributing your oracle cards can be challenging. Without the support of a traditional publisher, you'll need to invest time and effort in building an audience, marketing your deck, and handling distribution logistics.
  4. Quality Control: Maintaining quality control throughout the production process can be demanding. Ensuring that the cards are printed correctly, packaged professionally, and meet industry standards is essential for a successful self-published oracle deck.
  5. Competition: The market for oracle decks is highly competitive, with many established publishers and independent creators vying for attention. You'll need a strong marketing strategy to stand out.

Self-publishing oracle cards is a path of creative freedom and empowerment. You do not need to gain "permission" from a publishing company to publish your deck.

It allows you to share your unique wisdom, insights, and spiritual messages with a global audience. While it comes with challenges, the benefits of creative control, artistic expression, and the potential for higher royalties make self-publishing a compelling option for those passionate about oracle cards. 

Ayesha Hilton

About Ayesha Hilton

Hello! I'm Ayesha (pronounced eye-sha). I am an avid card deck lover and collector. I publish my own card decks and teach other creators how to design, print, and publish their own card decks with courses and strategy sessions. I am passionate about supporting you to express your brilliance with the world!

Have fun creating!

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