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Finding Grace in Challenging Times

Finding Grace in Challenging Times

This deck was created as a result of my own challenging times. I have poured my heart and soul into this deck to help others also experiencing challenging times. There are 56 double sided cards full of inspiration and compassion.

AI Art Generator - Midjourney course

AI Art for Deck Design using Midjourney

Get started using Midjourney to create AI generated art that you can incorporate into your card deck design or use for other purposes. This is a recording of two live workshops and a detailed guidebook. 

Card Deck Creators Toolkit

Get the Card Deck Creators Toolkit to learn how to design your card deck in Canva and get it published using a Print on Demand company. This is the easiest and most affordable way to publish your very own card deck.

Card Deck Offerings

Check out all the different ways I can support you in creating your own inspirational, affirmation, educational, or oracle cards.

Card Deck Creator Series

Check out these interviews with fellow card deck creators. They are very inspiring!

Strategy Sessions

I offer strategy sessions on a range of topics to help you express your genius in the world!


I have a number of blogs that might interest you, including blogs about card deck creations, my breast reduction surgery journey, my exploration of essentialism in business, and some of my poetry.

Deckible Course - Publish Your Deck on Deckible


Deckible is now live on your app store. Open your app store and search for Deckible! I also have some blogs about Deckible.

Card Decks

Check out my Permission Slip card decks.

Master the Art of Selfies

I offer coaching and mentoring to help you express your genius in the world!

Brené Brown Social Media Pack (free)

Get your free Brené Brown social media pack. You can use the social media quotes as is, or edit them to make them your own.