Strategy Session

Strategic Support for Your Biz

We all need someone's eyes on our business at times. I am here to support you and your biz. I can share 15+ years of business and technology insights and strategies with you.

How I can help:

We can look at whatever you need strategic help with, such as: 

  • card deck design
  • website
  • eCommerce
  • social media strategy
  • content creation
  • calendar integration and online bookings
  • course creation
  • streamlining your business
  • developing your offers
  • book writing and publishing
  • setting up the digital aspects of your business

How it works...

I like to have an initial session with you that delivers great value. Then if we both want to continue to work together, I will offer you a package of sessions.

I normally only see clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays during school hours. 

Strategy Session

This is for you, if you want some magic with your strategy!

60 Minute Session$147USD

Why work with me?

During my 15 plus years in business, I have done consulting, coaching, and mentoring for a wide range of clients. I have created courses. Set up a tea business. Designed hundreds of websites. Written and published books and helped others do the same. And much more. I have extensive experience that can be harnessed to help you.

Before being in business for myself, I was an management consultant with an international firm. I worked in IT and web design when it all began back in the late 1990s. Yes, I am old enough to remember life before the web!

If you need tech or biz help, book a session.