Natural Success Coaching

Completed William Whitecloud's Create Your Destiny Course?

William Whitecloud's work has changed my life. And if you're here, it has probably changed your life too. 

Completing Create Your Destiny with William is the first step in creating a life you'd love.

The next obvious step is to make powerful choices based on your Land of Plenty. And then to stay focused on what you'd love.

2 Ways to Work Together

Powerful Visionary Choices - Clarity Package

Getting your choices right is so important. I have seen people spend months and months saying their choices and then realising that they were created from a negative vision (creating more of what you don't want) or weren't true to their heart's desire and Land of Plenty. You will save a lot of time and effort, if you get your choices right from the beginning.

On-Going Creator Coaching based William Whitecloud's Natural Success Coaching Method

You've heard William say over and over that people need a coach. We need someone outside of ourselves to see both our greatness and our victim. We often can't see our own egoic tendencies and our victimhood because we are living in them. With coaching, you have a structure to keep orientating back to your creator and choosing what you'd love. You don't have to fight the Battle of Evermore alone. I will be by your side, supporting you with a structure and the truth to help you create your success.

My Availability

I mostly work with people in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I work with coaching clients Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 3pm, and some Friday mornings, Melbourne time. I am not available at night. I only have limited capacity for coaching as I am busy creating a lot of other things!

Powerful Visionary Choices
Clarity Package

Getting your choices right will change your life!

Many people create choices from a negative vision or clutter their choices with words that diminish their effectiveness.

Identifying your Land of Plenty themes and creating powerful choices based on these themes will empower your choice making process.

I invite you to come play in your Land of Plenty with me and together we will formulate your choices in a way that is empowered and truly focused on what your heart would love to experience in this precious life. 

Your second chance in life has started with CYD and together we can get your creator super focused on your end result so you can create more magic in your life.

Session 1: Land of Plenty

Session 2: Formulate Visionary Choices

Session 3: Explore Resistance to Choices

3 x 1 Hour Sessions
Investment: $390

Creator Coaching

With Creator Coaching, you are held in a structure of success that will amplify your results and help you achieve your ends results with more ease, grace and speed. If it's time to stop spinning your wheels and being stuck, Creator Coaching will help you get laser focused on your end result!

This is an ongoing package with a minimum of a 3 month commitment for you to get the best results.

2 x 1 hour Sessions Per Month

$400 Per Month

About me

Growing up, I was obsessed with personal development and improving myself. I was reading Louise Hay books when I was a young teenager. I went on to do a ton of self help courses, but it wasn't until I found William Whitecloud's work, that I realised the futility of trying to fix myself and change my core beliefs. It was a challenge to let go of the need to fix myself and to accept that I wasn't broken, and to truly own step into my creative power. William's work has truly given me a second chance in life.

I have always been passionate about empowering people to step into their greatness and to express their brilliance in the world. Now with the understanding and structures of Natural Success, I can empower people on a whole new level.

When I came across William Whitecloud's work it changed my life. I was already a powerful creator (creating great things as well as challenges), but through applying William's wisdom and structures to my daily life, I have supercharged my creative powers!

I have completed William's programs, including Create Your Destiny, Alchemy for Success, Creative Warrior, and Master. I've devoured all his books, The Secrets of Natural Success, The Magician's Way, and The Last Shaman.

I live this work. And I now embed the Natural Success wisdom and structures into all I do.

I have had my own business since the birth of my first child in 2006. As a single parent, I needed to support my little family while being able to care for a new born. Since then, I have provided a range of coaching and consulting services to a broad range of clients, from book coaching, business coaching, website building, social media strategy, and creating and publishing oracle card decks. 

When people work with me, they feel truly seen for who they really are, they have a cheer leader by their side who gets their big vision and encourages them to go for it, and they are supported to access their own wisdom and knowledge.

Much love