A friend and I were talking about how we feel so BORED right now and not just because we are in lockdown in our homes. It’s like our energy to engage with life has diminished. And as we talked, I realised what we were really talking about looks like boredom, but is actually exhaustion.

Exhaustion that comes from:

The uncertainty of not knowing how long we will be living like this and what the future will look like

The lack of time away from our loved ones we live with — even though we love them, we are not used to spending so much time together (and yes for many this has been a blessing too)

The sadness and grief that comes from not seeing our families and loved ones (those we don’t actually live with and would love to see)

The fatigue from the lack of delineation between our roles as parent, partner, worker, teacher, cook, cleaner, friend, etc. (normally we go to work to work, we send our kids to school, we spend nights with our partner — but at the moment, all of these are lumped on top of each other)

The disappointment of cancelled plans, holidays, and celebrations

The frustration of not being able to plan anything beyond today and beyond our homes — living in the present moment takes on a new angle when you don’t have things to look forward to

The tension that comes from so much discord on social media between people of differing beliefs and actions

Diminished resilience to cope with adversity due to constant stress

I am sure I am not alone in feeling these things and the exhaustion that comes from all of these.

While I am so grateful for the advantages that I have in my lockdown circumstances that many people don’t have, it doesn’t negate the fact that lockdown and ongoing uncertainty takes its toll.

If you’re feeling exhaustion like me, I send you a big virtual hug!

PS I live near Melbourne, in the state of Victoria in Australia. At the time of writing this, Melbournians have been through 5 lockdowns lasting more than 280 days.

Much love


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