Book Mentoring

Dreaming of Writing & Publishing a Book?

If there is a desire in you to write a book, then you should honour it! Take it from me, that desire does not go away, even if it seems diminished at times.

Share your story, wisdom, and knowledge in a book that can change other people's lives. You may then choose to use your book to create your signature offer.

How it works...

I have different types of sessions you can choose as an initial session. I like to work with people once and then if you need further support, I will offer you a package of sessions. 

Check out which session below would most suit you right now and click the button to book. I normally only see clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays during school hours and on Friday mornings. 

All prices are Australian dollars (approximately 3/4 of the US dollar).

Book Mentoring

Are you struggling to write your book? The desire to do so continues no matter how much you try to ignore it?Sometimes, we need support and accountability to create what we really want. Book Mentoring can help you stay the course and finish your book.

1 Hour Session

Book Outline Session

Your book can be written more easily and quickly if you have a great outline. In a Book Outline Session, we get to the essence of what you want to write about and structure it into an outline. You can then use this outline to write your book.

90 Minute Session + after the session, you will receive a document with your complete book outline


Publishing Strategy Session

Writing a book is just the first step. You then need to publish it and promote it. In this session, we can come up with a strategy to self-publish your book and promote it.
1 Hour Session

Book-Biz Strategy Session

You can use your book to grow your business. In a Book-Biz strategy we will look at how you can use your book to develop a program that you can then use as your signature offerings.

1 Hour Session

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Why work with me on your book?

Firstly, I love books and I especially love helping people express their greatness through a book.

Secondly, I have written and published numerous books. The first one with a hybrid publisher (spent $30K on that) and then choosing to self-publish after that.

Thirdly, I have mentored many spiritual, heart-centred women to write their own books.

And finally, I have a degree in professional writing and have been a professional writer for many years.

I know your book is like a precious baby, it is part of you, and it's scary, and you deserve to have someone like me who will love you and your book and empower you to take it from desire to reality.

One of my superpowers is helping people express their genius. I believe you have something amazing to share. Let me support you!

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