Adult Orphan

Adult Orphans: Losing Your Parents

Many of my friends and I are at an age where our parents are getting older and many are losing their parents. I am interested in exploring this topic and creating a book about losing one’s parents.

Does this interest you?

What would you like to know?

Would you be interested in sharing your story?

Here’s what I am curious about:

• What does it feel like to lose one’s parent/s
• What do people wish they’d done differently before their parent/s died
• What have people learnt from the experiencing of losing their parent/s
• What advice would they give those who have yet to lose their parents

I did training as an End of Life Consultant/Death Doula last year in preparation for exploring this topic. I have also spoken to people about losing their parents as well as seeing the grief of those who have recently lost a parent and those who have lost a parent many years ago.

What I have seen is that the grief of losing a parent is unique for everyone and also there are also similarities in people’s experiences. And losing a parent or both parents, seems to change people.

If you are interested in being involved in this project, you can either book an interview with me or complete a questionnaire (choose whichever one feels right for you).

Thank you!

Much love