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What would the world be like without the Beatles?

What would the world be like without the Beatles?

My gorgeous friend, Andy and I just saw the movie Yesterday.

It was such a joyous experience. I felt alive and uplifted and fully present in the moment.

On the drive home, I thought about the power of movies, music, and art to transcend our worries and bring us such joy even during hard times.

The wonders of nature, the birth of a child, and new love, also have a similar impact.

If you are an artist, musician, writer, or creator of some sort, know that what you are bringing into the world matters. It can uplift people. Make them smile. Laugh. And even cry with joy.

What you do matters. You matter. And if you don’t see yourself as a creator, know that we are all creators and that you are creating something just as special even if it’s not in the public eye.


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