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What work Sparks you?

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If you’ve known me for a while, you may have seen the myriad things I have tried, failed at, and learned about. I kept wondering why I was not able to truly commit to one thing and niche my business like all the experts suggest.

I was proud that I could start things quickly and give things a go, and am not held back by fear of failing. But there was a small part of me that was saying, “You need to niche, you won’t be as successful as you want if you don’t niche.” And I really felt the pressure to choose one thing – and I couldn’t!

A couple of months ago, I was having a pot of tea with my friend Lou and we were talking about the idea that we need to focus on one thing to be successful. She suggested I do the Sparke Test that Jonathon Fields of The Good Life Project created.

As soon as Lou left, I did the test. And it changed my life.

That’s a big claim and I can’t promise it will be true for everyone. But for someone like me it gave me permission to own rather than smother what energises me and makes me come alive, and what doesn’t.

So, what are Sparketypes™?

Taken from the website:

Sparketype™, the essential nature of work that fills you with meaning and lets you feel fully-expressed, alive with​purpose and absorbed in flow ("sparked"). Your Sparketype serves as one of the single biggest clues in your quest to figure out what to do with what the poet, Mary Oliver, called your "one wild and precious life."

Through years of research, Jonathon Fields identified ten main categories that define what sparks a person. He created an assessment tool to help people determine their Sparketype. A person could then use this to help them either increase the spark in their current work or to fulfil their Sparketype’s core desire by changing careers.

There are ten known Sparketypes:

  • The Maker
  • The Scientist
  • The Maven
  • The Essentialist
  • The Performer
  • The Warrior
  • The Sage
  • The Advocate
  • The Advisor
  • The Nurturer

Jonathon has investigated this for years and he organised the Sparketypes on a continuum from left to right. Where the left, starting with The Maker, is looking towards themselves, and the right is more about others. There is no judgement about the value of those in the more giving careers as opposed to those who are say The Makers creating works of art, music or literature. As we all know, the arts provide a service in profound ways, but differently to say medicine.

Ever since I was very young, I would study things on the left-hand side – the more nurturing side. And I couldn’t understand why I never enjoyed working in those types of roles once I had done the training.

For example, I trained in EFT years ago and tried to start a practice. But it didn’t light me up. Then I trained as birth doula and tried to start a business in that. In 2018, I trained as a death doula and end of life consultant and I registered a business name and website, created a logo, and then realised, I didn’t want to be around death as it makes me sad.

When I did the Sparketype Test, I found out that my primary type was The Maven – the learner. A lightbulb moment for me. Of course, I knew I loved learning and was probably a bit more obsessed with learning than most.

However, knowing that was my Sparketype changed me. I gave myself permission to own my maven-nature. So now as I progress my core business yet again, the one that I’ve had for 14 years, I see why things have unfolded as they have. And why I have studied so many different things for the sheer joy of learning.

My secondary type, which Jonathon refers to as the Shadow Type (which isn’t as dark and bad as it seems – it’s just the secondary one where you often find yourself working), is The Maker. Which makes sense to me as I am always creating things. Much of my paid work is focused on creating things whether it be social media graphics for clients or writing books.

I have been telling people about Sparketypes since I found out about them. In my friendship circle, I have seen people come to recognise the truth of their Sparketype and how freeing it can be.

As with any personality test, you will probably identify with more than one Sparketype, but some are more dominant.

If you’re curious about your own Sparketype, you can do the online assessment at:

It doesn’t cost anything and this isn’t an affiliate link. There is an upgrade to buy an in-depth report, but you don’t really need it – unless you’re like me and have to dig deeper! The Sparketype has really changed how I see myself and the work I am bringing into the world and I hope that it may be helpful to you.

I would love to know what your Primary and Shadow Sparketype is and whether it is helpful to you, so feel free to email me back if you do the assessment.

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