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Hello and welcome to episode zero of Practical Wisdom. I’m your host, Ayesha Hilton.  I’m a transformational coach, author, spiritual adventurer and mother of two. Episode Zero is a funny little episode that sets the stage for the show. In this episode, I share why I created Practical Wisdom and what you can expect from me and the show.

One night I was having a bath, epsom salts, steaming water, candles, you get the idea. I was thinking about how many course, workshops, books and programs I purchased over the years. How much money and time I had spent trying to improve myself. And to create that illusive but often touted best version of my life. And so often, I failed to carry the knowledge and wisdom into my life in a deep and transformative way.

And if you’re listening to this show, chances are you can relate. You’ve been to a ton of courses and workshops, you have a bookshelf and ipad full of personal development or self help books. And along the way, you’ve learned some amazing things. Some that you may have implemented or even created new habits around.

But like me, perhaps, you’ve also read a book, gotten excited about it, told a few friends, and then popped it back on the shelf. End of story. Or gone to an amazing workshop or retreat, and felt a profound shift, but then when you got home, and back into daily life, that feeling didn’t stay with you.

This is where I want practical wisdom to step into… the space between knowing and being. How do we take the knowledge and the wisdom that we know for ourselves, or have learned from others, and put it into aligned action so that we can create permanent transformation in our lives?

I believe in the need to embody the change we want. But often to embody it, we need to take small and sometimes big action. Think of the be, do, have model that so many self-help gurus talk about. Sometimes, we can’t be without the doing.


Each week, I will release a new episode. On a Wednesday for the Aussies, and if you’re in the US or Canada it will be a Tuesday. My plan at the moment is to have three episodes around a topic that I’m interested in and that I think you will love.

I’ll provide an intro on the topic and then I will share with you ways that you can use this wisdom and knowledge in a practical way. There will be downloads and other support materials available on the website. The fourth episode in the cycle will be a book review that will summarise the key learnings of the book and then look at practical ways to embrace those learnings.

One of my initial ideas for my show was all around books. I love books and I am working on some more of my own right now. So when I birthed the idea of Practical Wisdom, I wanted to keep some books stuff in the show. I am open to ideas about books to review, so please let me know via the website if you have any ideas.

From time to time, I will have some guests on the show specifically related to the topics we are exploring. And if I am lucky, I may even get some of the authors on as guests.

If what I have shared in this episode resonates with you, I invite you to come play with me through the show and the website. I would love to share this amazing journey of life with you.

Each month we give away an Inspiration Pack that has some gorgeous things in it like candles, books, as well as digital downloads. The purpose of the Kit is give you something beautiful, that feels nourishing, as well as practical tools to help you step into more of who you really are. Enter once and you will remain in our monthly draw as long as you are on our mailing list. The winner is drawn randomly on the first of each each month.

I will also be holding regular Facebook live session on the Practical Wisdom Facebook group. These sessions will be around the topic we are discussing as well as on other topics that come up within the group.

To go into the monthly draw and get your invite to our secret Facebook group, sign up here!

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this very first episode of Practical Wisdom. I hope you will join me on the next episode where I will be talking about the beautiful Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono. And even if you already know about Ho’oponopono, I’ve created a great meditation for you to listen to.

Until next time, may you be happy, prosperous and healthy.

Much love!





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