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Transparency in Business Around Pricing of Services

I am all for transparency in business. I have been in numerous business programs where you are taught a script for converting people to sign up for your programs. Many times, the cost of the program is not disclosed until you have someone on an enrolment/sales call. Then if the person doesn’t want to pay the price you are charging, it’s because they are not committed or they have money blocks. There is shame in

I understand why prices are not disclosed but I have a commitment to price transparency. I don’t know about you, but when I go to sales page, I skim all the way through endless text to find the price. If it still isn’t disclosed, I click the buy button to find out what the price is. Then I go back and read the sales page.

In many ways, there is no intrinsic value for many of the services people offer. Yes, it is about the transformation that is delivered. But why not be transparent with the pricing.

A friend recently shared a retreat in Bali that was $8,000. Yes, this is a lot of money to spend on an 8 day retreat. But when I read the description, it actually didn’t seem over-priced. And it was sold out to 20 people.

What do you think? Do you prefer to have the price disclosed? Do you hide or show prices in your business? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences around this.

Much love



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