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Transcription Software – Otter

Do you want to transcribe podcasts, interviews, or meetings?

Have you been paying a $1 per minute or more for transcriptions?

I might have a solution to help you save money, time and get great transcriptions.

I have been using an app called Otter.

What is Otter?

Otter turns voice conversations into notes. You can use Otter to take notes in your meetings and interviews, capture your thoughts and ideas while you’re driving in the car, and transcribe your existing recordings and podcasts. And what's really cool, is you can even take photos (e.g. of a whiteboard, or a speaker or presentation slide at an event) during a recording and they will be inserted inline with your transcripts.
Otter works on your computer using the Chrome browser and there are apps for android and IOS.

How Much Does Otter Cost?

There is no cost to using the Otter Free plan, which is what I am using. On the free plan, you get 600 minutes of transcription every month and the plan does not expire.

You can upgrade to Otter Premium to get 6,000 minutes of transcription per month for a low subscription of USD$9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually.
Even if paying for the premium account, this is pretty good value compared with other transcription services I have used.

Can I Connect Otter to Zoom?

If you use Zoom, you can even connect Otter to your Zoom account and automatically sync recordings to your Otter account.

How Can I use Otter as an Author?

One of the quickest ways to create content is to speak it and get it transcribed. Four hours of talking often produces 40,000 words. So if you have the gift of the gab and feel confident at talking about topics, you could record them and Otter can transcribe your words into text.

Here's a Quick Demo of


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