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Tapping Away Stress with EFT with Annette Prendergast (Virtual Care Basket)

Tap Away Stress & Anxiety with Annette Prendergast

I’m feeling very relaxed after tapping/EFT with Annette.
If you’re feeling stress, anxious or uncertain…watch this replay and tap along.
Annette is an EFT/Tapping practitioner, coach, and workshop leader. She does tapping her way and I love it!
You can find out more about Annette at:

And you can find about more Virtual Care Basket sessions at:

Or on Facebook:

Tuesday, 2pm Melbourne time we have Laughter Yoga. I am sure we could all use a good laugh.

Feel free to to share your experience of the tapping in the comments.

Much love

PS Forgot to press record at the beginning but only missed 5 min of my intro.



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