Your Invitation to Honour Yourself on a Weekly Basis in a Sacred Community of Women

You are invited to join me, Ayesha Hilton, your host, for four different monthly Sacred Dates.

What Are Sacred Dates?


About Sacred Dates

Sacred Dates provide a specific space and time for reflection and connection with ourselves and the community we are co-creating around Sacred Dates.

Each month, we have four different types of dates as outlined below.

Sacred Dates may include a range of ceremonies and rituals, transformational journaling, and safe sharing, to help us create a more passionate, happy, purposeful, and connected life.

Each of us brings something special to the collective. In our community, we want to really see you as you truly are, imperfections and all.

Sacred Dates are held online using Zoom and are hosted by Ayesha Hilton.


Sacred Success Date

Consciously Creating

The Sacred Success Date is where we look at what we are dreaming and visioning into reality.

We will set intentions for the coming month, explore what might stand in our way of achieving our goals, what support we can ask for, and seek evidence of our past successes that can help us feel more confident.


Sacred Ceremony Date

Honoring & Transforming

The Sacred Ceremony Date is where we participate in a sacred women's circle ceremony around a different theme each month. Themes include abundance, self-love, relationships, etc.


Sacred Sensual Date

Embodying our Sacred Feminine Essence

The Sacred Sensual Date is where we explore and embody our feminine essence.

Many of us are disconnected from our feminine energy. Through specific practices we will learn and play with embracing more of our feminine power while ensuring we feel safe.


Sacred Celebration Date

Celebrating & Appreciating

The Sacred Celebration Date is where we give thanks and appreciation for ourselves, each other, the people and things in our lives. We also celebrate our achievements for the month.

In our culture, we do not celebrate or be in gratitude enough. You may have a daily gratitude practice, so you know how wonderful giving thanks is. Joining together in celebration and appreciation is powerful!


The Sacred Dates Membership


Sacred Dates Membership

You are invited to become a Sacred Dates member.

Here's what you get as a member:

  • 4 Life Sacred Dates Per Month
  • Access to a Members Only Area
  • Recordings of each Sacred Date
  • Connection with our Community Members

For only $29 a month you get access to four amazing Sacred Dates along with a community of amazing women.

If consciously choosing to spend time on a sacred date with yourself within a community resonates with you, we would love to have you join us!

Sign up for a no risk, 14-day free trial to see if Sacred Dates is right for you.

The Compound Effect on Transformation

"Small and consistent steps taken over time create profound transformation."

Ayesha Hilton


About Your Sacred Dates Host

Hello beautiful!

My name is Ayesha Hilton. I am passionate about facilitating space for women to reflect and connect. In this modern age, our lives are fast-paced, with little time to pause and think, be, and wonder. Many of us are isolated despite being connected with so many people through social media.

My mission is to bring women together in sisterhood in a safe, sacred space. You matter and you deserve to be truly seen for the beautiful being that you are.

I believe that we all have our own inner guru if we only take time to notice and listen to her. By creating a commitment to honor this inner guru, we can tap into a wealth of information and guidance.

We all know that we should appreciate every moment because life is so precious and fragile. But living in the moment and being thankful takes consistent conscious effort. Through ceremony, rituals, and a commitment to ourselves, we can live more in appreciation and wonder.

As an avid learner, I have a studied so many different things that I can bring to our Sacred Dates, including, Scared Circle Facilitation, Therapeutic Journal Coaching, EFT, Virtual Communications, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Death Doula/End of Life Consulting, and Birth Doula.

Aside from my passion for scared circle work, I am an Amazon Best Selling Author, mother of two children aged 7 and 13, an avid learner, and a spiritual adventurer. I live in Ballarat, a regional city near Melbourne, Australia. I have a cat called Pippa that likes to wake me up early as does my son!

I hope that you will join me for our Scared Dates.

Much love,




Sacred Dates Membership

No Risk, 14-Day Free Trial

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