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Rocketman & Self-Worth

Date night with my man. Japanese fried rice. Miso soup. Then a kombucha and chocolates for the movie. We snuggled into our seats to watch Rocketman, a film about Elton John. I have always been an Elton fan and confess that I sang Daniel and Candle in the Wind at karaoke bars when I lived in Thailand after way too many Mekong whiskeys.

Last year, we had two mega musical movie releases - Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born. Both brilliant movies — 5 stars each from me. Both very different. I loved the music of Queen and getting to see behind the public persona of Freddie Mercury. In a Star is Born, I was drawn in by the original music sung by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and the unfolding tragedy.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of Rocketman other than perhaps the struggle not to embarrass myself singing along to the soundtrack. I loved the movie and learning about Elton John’s life. As you would expect from anything that Elton John is involved in, there is a fantastical element and the film was quite beautiful. It is a musical and I wasn’t aware of that when I went to the movie, but it was done I very interesting way.

I came away from the movie want to write about it. Not because I normally write movie reviews. But because of one thing that keeps coming up, again and again, for those that are famous and for those of us to who aren’t.

What is it?


Lack of self-worth seems to play an integral part in so many of our lives, regardless of our talents, skills or success.

Elton’s early life was sad. While he grew up a lovely grandmother who supported his dreams, his father was emotionally and physically absent, and his mother was narcissistic self-obsessed woman.

In Elton’s case, he had to redefine himself from a shy and awkward piano prodigy, Reginald Kenneth Dwight, into this flamboyant and iconic musician called Elton John.

His family life did not help Elton’s self-perception. His low self-esteem and lack of self-worth, among other things, drove him to consume ever increasing amounts of drugs and alcohol.

He was numbing his pain because he couldn’t bear who he was. How many people also numb themselves with food, Netflix, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. so that they can live with themselves.

He was caught in a destructive spiral that would have killed him had he not taken himself off to rehab. When Elton leaves rehab, signing of course, you feel like he came to accept himself.. After that he was able to fall in love and create a healthier life for himself.

Why do so many people have low self-esteem and feel unworthy of the goodness that life has to offer?

It seems to exist in all of us to varying degrees. And perhaps it is one of those things that we must learn in life - to value ourselves for ourselves.

Each one of us is precious, unique, and imperfect. We all matter. I hope that you know that you are important, that you matter to others, and that you are loved.


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