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Random Acts of Listening

Random Acts of Listening
I used to catch the tram to school in Melbourne and strangers would start telling me their life stories.

These days, I still meet people who feel safe enough to share incredibly personal things with me.

They often say, "I have never told anyone this before" or "I don't know why I am telling you this."

Random Acts of Listening is what I decided to call it. You are fully present and curious about the person you have just met and you are comfortable disclosing personal information with them too. This is the power of vulnerability.

It is amazing how quickly a temporary bond can form with someone you've just met. And you have no idea what impact that can have on the person.

I have heard many stories where a person was shown kindness or offered a smile when they were contemplating suicide. So you just never know what impact you might be having.

I love people and hearing their stories. I feel honoured and privileged that they can confide in me - a stranger with an open heart and big ears!

I'd love to hear about your Random Acts of Listening!


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