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Pregnant with Possibilities

After two 36-hour labours and training as a birth doula, I know a thing or two about birth.

About six weeks ago, I conceived a new offering and direction for my business that I hoped to share with you this week.

During these past six weeks, I have spent so much time labouring over the details and the offer and trying to work out how to best be of service.

I tried to give birth to the idea, wanting to force it before it was ready. I event got help from mentors, who are skilled business midwives, to help me. I called friends for their advice.

But this baby just wasn’t ready to be born. I was frustrated. I could feel this beautiful thing growing inside me but couldn’t get it out.

I was advised to be patient, but I wasn’t doing a good job of that. I wrote copious notes in my journal about my ideas. I couldn’t find a name that would fit my baby. I was stuck.

It was like having braxton hicks contractions, I kept thinking I was about to give birth to my baby, but it was a false alarm.

Then two nights ago, I couldn’t sleep all night. Then I came to me. At last. I was so excited. I sat with it for a while. Then over lunch of curry, rice, and spicy chai tea, I shared it with my dear friend Lou.

She loved it, though she wasn’t keen on the name. We chatted and as I described my baby to her, we came up with the perfect name and metaphor for the offering.

Yay, I was so excited! This was it, at last. I had tried so hard to force the birth. And I had also tried to surrender and be patient.

Now when I look back on the process of conceiving the idea, growing it over time, and then finally birthing and naming it, everything makes sense.

I am not quite ready to introduce my baby to the world, but next week, I will be.

I’m curious…

Are you currently creating something new that you want to birth into being?
Is it flowing easily or do you feel stuck?
Where can you allow more ease and flow into the birthing procesS?

Thanks for allowing me to share this birth metaphor with you!


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