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Permission Slip Card Deck

Ayesha Hilton (8)
Ayesha Hilton (9)

Do you love Brené Brown?

Then you will adore these little permission slips.

I first heard of Permission Slips for adults when I did Brené Brown's course that she hosted with Oprah called the Gifts of Imperfection. I then read it mentioned in a couple of books, including Braving the Wilderness.

I was inspired to create a beautiful deck of little Permission Slips.

This cute little deck of 54 cards is so much fun and transformational. These Permission Slips will remind you where you can give yourself permission in life.

They are AU$25 for Australian addresses and US$25 for orders outside Australia. Price includes shipping.

I hope you adore them as much as I do!

Much Love



PS I have great feedback on the cards thus far. People really love them.

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