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Permission Slip Card Deck inspired by Brené Brown

Permission Slips
Writing yourself a Permission Slip is a powerful intention setting, and transformational, tool.

Permission Slips apply to adults, not just school students. When you were a student, your parents would have to sign a Permission Slip to allow you to go on a school excursion.

I first came across the idea of giving myself a Permission Slip when I was doing a course hosted by Brené Brown and Oprah called The Gifts of Imperfection (based on Brené’s book of the same name). During the course, I realized that there were certain areas in my life where I needed to give myself permission. It is a powerful form of intention setting.

I’m sure you have had times when you did things you didn’t want to, and didn’t do things you wanted to do. We have a whole lot of internal and external rules controlling us. In order to grow and change, there are times we need to do things differently from how we’ve done them in the past.

The simple act of writing yourself a permission slip have a big impact. It seems strange to just write yourself a permission slip, but oddly, it works.

When I was reading Braving the Wilderness (another great Brené Brown book), I was reminded of idea of Permission Slips (see pages 20-21 if you want to see what Brene wrote about it in this book). Brené was about to go on Oprah for the first time and she realized she had to giver heself permission to have fun and really be in the experience rather than just studying it from above.

This reminder sparked a creative idea that turned into a Permission Slip deck of cards. These cards are small and gorgeous and so much fun.

I showed some visitors last week. I thought they would have a casual glance at them, but instead, the wanted to read each of the 54 Permission Slips. They picked out ones that resonated with them. One interesting one was, I give myself Permission to be Wealthy. This was very triggering for this person and she said she felt very uncomfortable with the idea of being rich.

Want to write your own Permission Slips?

Here are some examples:

  • I give myself permission to have fun
  • I give myself permission to make lots of money
  • I give myself permission to be successful
  • I give myself permission to love my body
  • I give myself permission to to be sexy
  • I give myself permission to be beautiful
  • I give myself permission to have loving relationships
  • I give myself permission to be courageous
  • I give myself permission to take care of myself
  • I give myself permission to be imperfect
  • I give myself permission to say NO
  • I give myself permission to sing out loud
  • I give myself permission to have fun

What could you give yourself permission to do today (no not do)?


Get Your Own Deck of Permission Slips Today

This cute little deck of 54 cards is so much fun and transformational. These Permission Slips will remind you where you can give yourself permission in life.

They are AU$25 for Australian addresses and US$25 for orders outside Australia. Price includes shipping.

I hope you adore them as much as I do!


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