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One Simple Practice to Dramatically Increase Your Presence, Charisma & Magnetism

Do you ever wish you had more presence, more charisma or magnetism?

I always thought I had a fair amount of presence (in the right circumstances). Sometimes, people seemed drawn to me and I wanted to be seen and heard. And at other times, I was trying to be invisible and shrink so that no one would notice me, and they didn’t. What I learned in my teacher training for The Art of Feminine Presence was how to increase my presence and magnetism, at will, with one simple process.

Can you imagine what having more presence, charisma and magnetism can do for your business, career, relationships and enjoyment of life?

I invite you to come and play, try out this simple practice with me on this video, and then play with it more over the next couple of days. (This practice can also be done by men, but is slightly different.)

I’m still in the early stages of embodying this practice myself, but already I can see the impact it is having on my relationships, my business, and my overall enjoyment of life.



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