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Laughter Yoga with Lisa Wood (Virtual Care Basket)

Oh my…just had a hilarious session with Laughter Lisa Wood. We laughed so much our faces were sore. Watch the replay to see how funny we were all being.

Lisa Wood is a Laughter Leader and shared Laughter Yoga techniques with us. Laughter Yoga combines laughter with breathwork to reduce cortisol, boost our immune system, and make us feel better.

Our brains can’t tell the difference between simulate laughter and what starts out as a pretend laugh morphs into something real. Doing laughter practices in a group feeds the laughter and makes us laugh more.

We didn’t have many people show up live to this event even though we had a lot of interested people. I wonder if it is because it is a little scary for most of to be silly – it’s a vulnerable thing to do – especially on a video call with strangers.

Lisa and I will be running a regular laughter club on a weekly basis while we are all cacooning at home. So I invite you to join us next week. You can attend the call with your video and sound off and still get the benefit, so don’t let the video scare you off!

Check out the replay and play along with us. You will still get the benefit. I would love to hear from you in the comments about how the experience was for you. And also let me know if you’re keen to join us live next week if you’re free.

Much love and laughter

PS Thank you to Denise and Kristy-Lea for joining in and sharing the laughter.



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