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Let's Make Magic Together

Ayesha Hilton (4)

Hello Gorgeous Soulpreneur!

I mentor women coaches, healers, and wellness practitioners, including health coaches, EFT/tapping therapists, massage therapists, and various allied health professionals as well as artists. psychics, and astrologers.

When I work with you, I become a part of your team. I fall in love with you and your biz and become your cheerleader!

I invite you to come and play with me!

Much love


Tiny Courses

Short, easy to digest courses to help you grow your business.

Ayesha Hilton Mentoring 600x600 (87)
Ayesha Hilton Mentoring 600x600 (81)

1:1 Biz Magic Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring to support you in your articulate your message, connecting with your audience, branding, revising your offerings

Momentum Magic Mastermind

There is power in a group of aligned women coming together in a mastermind to create momentum in their businesses.

Launching soon!

Ayesha Hilton Mentoring 600x600 (89)

Moon Manifestors

Harness the power of the moon and her cycles to manifest your desires.

Coming soon!



Join the Practical Business Facebook community for expert guidance, community support, and accountability!

I would love to invite you to join us!


I have a beautiful and safe Facebook group called Practical Wisdom.

I would love to invite you to join us!

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