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My top Recommendations for Black Friday Deals

Is your mail box full of Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers? The offers are coming out earlier and earlier each year as people try and get in early with their promos.

I have been keeping an eye out for good specials on products that I use and can confidently recommend to you. These are affiliate links and I use all of these in my own business.

Here are my top picks...


Book Like a Boss - Booking Software

You can have individual sessions, group sessions, events, and even downloads on your account. You can set up SMS and email reminders. I have tried lots of different booking software, including acuity and calendly. I really like Book Like a Boss. I have some clients that are actually using this instead of a website for now.

You can see what my Book Like a Boss landing page looks like here. 
And here is an example of an individual offering.full option and light option.

The deal is: 30% off the yearly plan.

Get the deal here. Use coupon code: BLABBF2020

SocialBee - Social Media Scheduling Software
This is one of the main social media scheduling tools I use. It's especially great for evergreen content that you can repulish every few months.

The deal is: 70% off all plans for 3 months (this is a great way to use the software for a super low cost). The Bootstrap plan is would cost you $5.70 per month on the special offer and would be all most people would need to start.
Get the deal here.

I also offer sessions on setting up your SocialBee account if you need some help.

Vidami - Video Creation Software
Vidami (used to be called Content Samauri) is an easy to use video creation software that has a library of images, videos, and music to help create videos. You can even pop your blog posts in and it will create a video. This software is  fun, easy to use, and can create great videos for your biz.

The deal is 40% off plus some great bonuses.

Get the deal here.

White Label/Public Label Rights (PLR) Content

You can reuse this content as your own on your website, blog, and courses, etc.

Free Offer from Tools for Motivation
Geta collection of articles, slide decks, and inspirational social media tips images covering 5 popular self help topics:

  • Stop Worrying In Its Tracks
  • Overcome Fear Of Being Alone
  • Rekindle Kindness Towards Others
  • Keeping Your Relationships Fulfilling
  • Freedom Begins In Your Mind

This is the first company I ever purchased PLR from and they have been consistently good.

When you sign up for the free offer, you will be shown an upsell to get 80% of premium self help PLR products. If this interests you, go for it. If not, just skip it.

Get the free offer here.
Download up to free brandable coaching resources.
This is not a BF/CM offer but is one I organised for people in our community. The BF special offer is to get double bonus credits if you buy anything. I have got quite a few products from here and they have been great.

Get the free offer here.

Publish for Prosperity
This was the first company I got PLR content from. They have some good deals. I wouldn't bother with their social media graphics as they are quite ugly but their other stuff is good.

The deal is: 50% off content.

Get the deal here. Use coupon code: BLACKFRIDAYFROMHOME

App Sumo

App Sumo is addictive - so be warned! I have got some great deals over the years from App Sumo. They currate great offers, often lifetime deals. I got my Book Like a Boss lifetime deal when they first launched and were promoted on App Sumo. I am looking at FreshLMS on the BF sales which is a learn management platform. I haven't decided yet!

Check out the App Sumo deals here.

I hope you find this helpful. And as always, only buy what you need and know you will use!

Any questions, just let me know.

Ayesha ❤️



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