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Ayesha Hilton - Media

Ayesha Hilton has been on radio, a guest blogger, featured expert, and a podcast guest on a number of shows.

She is known for being easy to interview and an enjoyable quest. Ayesha is happy to promote and share any media to her email subscribers and social media followers.

Get in Touch with Ayesha for interview requests.


Ayesha in the Media

Ayesha Hilton has been on radio, a guest blogger, featured expert, and a podcast guest on a number of shows.

Talking Business Book Writing with Daniel and Nini Tolson on the  Win Sales Now! Podcast

Tips on Working from Home During the Covid19 Outbreak

Provide work at home tips for the Canz Marketing Blog post.

Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series on Health and Fitness Travel

I'm Awake Now What Podcast

Krista Xiomara created an audio community for anyone who is on the "Path." She spoke to Ayesha about her spiritual journey and growing up a Buddhist as a child in India and in Australia.

Start Up Growth Blog - Monday Founder Quiz

Interview/Profile on the Start Up Growth Blog on Medium.

Non-Fiction Authors Association

Blog about the Pro's and Con's of self-publishing.

Read now:

Interview with Steve Martin on ABC Radio Victoria

Steve Martin interviewed me live on ABC Radio to talk about farm succession planning.

Interview with Rebel Black from The Rural Woman

I was invited by Rebel Black to talk about Forgiveness in Succession Planning. Rebel and I had a great chat and we explored much more than forgiveness!

Listen now:

Radio Interview ABC Country Hour

Radio interview on ABC's Country Hour with Dani Grindlay on 23rd February 2016. Listen now.

News Feature

News feature in The Courier on 10th February 2016 where Nick Shady discusses our farm succession planning and the launch of the book Who Gets the Farm?.

News feature in The Courier about our book, Who Gets the Farm?

Voice FM Interview

Voice FM Interview on the Morning Show at 11am on 10th February 2016. Nick and I spoke with Robert and Ron about the launch of their book, Who Gets the Farm? A practical guide to farm succession planning.

Win's Women of Wisdom

I was honoured to be interviewed live on Win's Women of Wisdom show on Blog Talk Radio. This was my first time doing a totally live interview.  Win Charles was born with cerebral palsy. She lives her life as a testimony what you CAN do regardless of what others think you cannot do. Win is a #1 Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Teacher and Mentor. I find Win very inspirational and she has built a tribe of followers that adore her guts, determination and heart.

You can listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio at:

Writing Unblocked

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the talented Britney Mills from Writing Unblocked. I was honoured to be the guest on the first episode of her new show. Britney is an writer and editor who loves helping others get unblocked and get writing.

Listen to the Show:

Superwoman Myths Summit, Program & Book

I was one of the co-authors of teh Amazon Bestseller Superwoman Myths book. In addition to the book, there was an online summit and program.

Featured Guest on the Born Through Fire Podcast

I was invited to share my personal story of overcoming obstacles on Kaly McKenna's show, Born Through Fire.

Find out more at:



Stitcher (android):

How writers can stay focused and disciplined

I had the opportunity to connect with fellow writer Angela Tague from the US. She's written an article on how writers keep focused and disciplined and I was able to share one of my top writing tips with her readers.

Lily Magazine - Article about living in Ballarat

I was invited to write about living Ballarat in an article for Lily Magazine. The editor, Tina, thought I must work for Ballarat tourism as I was so in love with Ballarat. As a result, she created a new section in the magazine called My Country Town and my article about how great Ballarat is featured in that section.

So You Want to Be A VA Podcast

I was interviewed by host Liz about my experiences hiring Virtual Assisstants in Australia. I was able to share my experiences working with two Australian Virtual Assistants and the benefits of hiring an Aussie VA (and when to go overseas). Liz has spliced the interview we did into different podcasts on specific topics and has interviewed some other amazing women in Australia.

Beauty of a Woman BlogFest

This post is part of the Beauty of a Woman Blog Fest run by the amazing and gorgeous August McLaughlin. Check out other great blog posts celebrating and honouring the beauty of womanhood at:

- See more at:

Interview on Voice FM Radio

Voice FM Interview on the Morning Show at 9.15am on 29th October 2014. My husband, Nick Shady, and I spoke with Robert and Ron about Succession Planning and our book, Who Gets the Farm.

Featured in the Ballarat Courier

The rural section of the Ballarat The Courier featured Nick and I talking about farm succession planning and our book.

The Courier did a profile on me with a focus on Inspiring Ballarat.

Our dog, Holly, was profiled in The Courier’s rural section.

Media Enquiries

Are you in the media? Do you have a podcast? Are you Interested in what Ayesha Hilton is up to? Ayesha is happy to be in the media, so please contact her.

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