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Find out how to make decisions more easily

Have you heard of Human Design?

Human Design has changed how I run my business and make decisions.
Human Design is a system for understanding ourselves, our way of being in the world, and decision making. It is basically a system that is based on astrology that is all about how you make decisions.

The 5 Types

 In Human Design, there are five types and each type has their own strategy.
Here are the five types (and the percentage of people who fall into each type):

Generators (35% )

The Generator has the Sacral motor, the most powerful motor in the Human Design system. This is consistent energy. The motor turns on each morning and runs all day until it burns out at night. The Generator is here to do work.
Generator Strategy: Wait to respond

Manifesting Generators (35%)

The Manifesting Generator, like the Generator, has the powerful sacral motor that provides consistent energy everyday. This is sustainable energy to work and produce. This production can be manual or creative in nature.
Manifesting Generator Strategy: Respond, envision, reprocess, inform, act

Projectors (21%)

The Projector is here to mange, guide, direct and lead. The Projector must be invited in order for the energy to flow properly. They are here to project thoughts, ideas, patterns, solutions and inspiration.
Projector Strategy: Wait to be invited

Manifestors (8%)

The Manifestor is here to create, initiate, and manifest. As a society we depend on the Manifestors to get things started or get things going. Once initiated, it is the other types, that come in and help the creation of the Manifestor to truly manifest.
Projector Strategy: Inform before you act

Reflectors (1%)

The Reflector is the mirror of the energies and actions within society. Reflectors can be highly sensitive to their environment.
Reflector Strategy: Simply wait 28 days
In the world of business and entrepreneurship, we are expected to behave like Manifestors - these are the people who get things started. But only a small percentage of people are Manifestors, so for the rest of us, behaving life a Manifestor is hard work and doesn't always get us the success we want.
As a Manifesting Generator, Human Design says that I need to respond to what is coming towards me and then inform those around me what I am doing. Manifesting Generators often look like they are doing way too much at once, but they get their energy from creating and being busy! (That's why some of my business ideas look like they are all over the place.)

Inner Authority - How You Make the Best Decisions

Another key component of Human Design is our decision making strategy - our inner authority. Knowing your inner authority can help you make decisions in the way most suited to your design.
I have an Emotional Center which means I should make decisions over a period of days. Others with the Solar Plexus inner authority can make decisions based on their immediate gut feeling. Alas, I don't have that, though I sometimes follow my first instinct and it is often wrong, and I wish I had waited three days!
If you would like to find out more about your Human Design, you can get your chart done online for no cost. If can be a bit confusing, so just focus on your type and inner authority.
I have been studying human design for years and have paid for sessions with Human Design coaches. I recently did a course called the Art of Responding in Business by Danielle Gardener (can't tag for some reason) which is for Generators and Manifesting Generators.
The course helped me refocus on what I was doing within my business and how I was making offers and decisions. And it was a bargain at only $50AU and was easy to consume.
If you get your Human Design Chart done, I would love to know what type you are and what your inner authority is!



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