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Janette Dalgliesh: Comfort Amidst the Current Climate of Uncertainty (Virtual Care Basket)

Comfort Amidst the Current Climate of Uncertainty
Just had a juicy call with Janette Dalgliesh about astrology and our current experience with Covid19 and everything that is going on. The information she shared provided comfort and a big picture view of what we are going through right now.

Here are some of the things Janette shared:

We are in a time of transformation
We are in the middle of events that will be looked back on in 200 years and seen as significant
We have an opportunity to ask, how would we like things to be after this?
What’s the benefit of what we are experiencing and how can we make the most of it?
Although there is much going on that is scary and uncertain, we are also seeing amazing acts of kindness and innovation in delivery of services and connecting people and communities
Astrology doesn’t do stuff to us – it’s more like the weather
Our lizard brain is trying to satisfy the feeling of dread by meeting Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for safety and security (including shelter and food)

As well as what is happening astrologically – but too much to type here and Janette says it way better than I can!
I hope you will find what is shared helpful and it provides comfort and hope to you right now.

If this resonates with you, please share it with others who could benefit from this.

To find out more about the amazing Janette at her website:

Much love

PS More great sessions coming up, you can find out more at:




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