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What idea would you share with the world if you had 10 minutes?

Today on a training I participated in online, Awaken Your Stage with Rachel Jayne Groover and Datta Groover, we were asked the question:

“What would you share if you have ten minutes?”

We were instructed to bring out attention to our body, drop into our belly and heart space, and to breathe. As music played in the background, we were given a few minutes to write from our hearts, without editing, without taking our pends off the page.

I was a little surprised by what I wrote:

We have the power to choose how we live our life. There are ways to deal with our issues when we are triggered so that we can deal with whatever is coming up for us in the present moment. The key is to shine the light of consciousness on whatever we are feeling, without judgement, and to simply be present with it. Only then can we choose who we will respond (rather than going automatically into reaction) or even not respond at all. It can be so freeing not to live in a reactive state and to be able to choose who and when we respond.

What would you share with the world if you had 10 minutes?

I’d love to know. Comment below.

Much love,
Ayesha xox



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