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How to Make Your Own Gifs with Giphy

If you have seen other people posting gifs on Facebook and Instagram, you may be wondering how they did it.

I created my first gif today and it was fun, easy and quick.

My gif was of my Permission Slip Card Deck. People can pause the gif and get a message for today.

You could do this if you have a card deck yourself, inspirational quotes, as well as pictures of yourself. You can also upload videos as well.

Here’s the process:
Go to or install the app
Create an an account
Then select the Create button
Upload your files (video or images)
Click Continue to Decorate
Decorate your Gif
Then click Continue to Upload
Enter URL Source & Tags
Then click Upload Gif
Voila! You’re done.
Now you can share it on FB, Instagram*, Twitter, Reddit etc.

*If you create your gif on your PC, it is easiest to use the Giphy App to upload it to Instagram. If you do it on the PC, it can’t share it and just emails you the gif.

If you create your own gif, I would love to see it! Let me know!



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