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Love Freebies?

 Freebies for Passionate People Who Love to Grow


Here are some things I have created to share with you.

No opt-in is required. Why? I want you to get to know me without having to give me your email address up front. That's a bit much on a first date!

However, if you wish to become a Practical Wisdom Insider, you can sign up at the bottom of this page.

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Writing the Wisdom from Within: An Introduction to Journaling

In this free eBook - Writing the Wisdom from Within - you will gain an understanding of the benefits of journaling and the different types of journaling that you could use to create transformation and peace in your life.

What you will learn from this eBook:

  • Benefits of Journaling
  • Different Types of Journaling
  • Journaling Tips
  • 31 Journaling Prompts

This is a PDF file that you can download and read.

Appreciation Journal: A Reflection on Motherhood

Motherhood is often the most wonderful and most challenging experience in a woman's life.

This journal provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your journey as a mother.

This is a PDF file that you can download and print.

Self-Esteem Journal

Self-Esteem is something you can consciously improve and that's why I want to share this journal with you.

This journal is filled with thought-provoking journal prompts, inspirational quotes, and deep questions to get your clients to reflect on their life and identify ways to grow in confidence, love, and self-worth.

This is a PDF file that you can download and print.

Caring for Yourself

Ho'oponopono Body Meditation

woman was meditating in sunrise and rays of light on landscape, soft and blur concept

In this mediation, I use the ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice of Ho'opononpono to give thanks to our bodies for all that they do for us.

This mediation is a great daily practice that can help you relax and love your body more.

This Ho'oponopono meditation is based on the book by Ihaleakala Hew Len, and Joe Vitale called Zero Limits.

It uses the powerful process of telling your body:

  • Thank you
  • I'm sorry (if I've hurt you)
  • Please forgive me
  • I love you

I have personally found this to be transformative and I hope you do too.

This is an MP3 file that you can download to your device.

Growing Your Business


Free Brené Brown Social Graphics for You to Use

Do you know what PLR or White Label Products are?

PLR content is any type of content that gives you the rights to edit, change or modify it however you want.

I love creating graphics. So I wanted to create some social media graphics for people to use free of charge on their own social media profiles. The first ones I am creating are Brené Brown quotes - because who doesn't love the wisdom of Brené Brown!

I have four color ways for you to choose from: Floral, Golden, B&W, or Brights.

Click the button below to get your set of Brené Brown 30 quotes!

Sunday Night Planning System


Sunday Night Planning Journal to Achieve Your Goals

Sunday Night Planning will increase the speed and ease at which you achieve your goals. You will write down your three goals. I like to set them quarterly and some goals carry forward to the next quarter.

Then each week, you will assign tasks to each goal. You can put tasks that do not fit within one of the three goals into the Miscellaneous section. You will assess these miscellaneous tasks to see how they are contributing to your success and whether you should choose to not do them.

A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish!

Sunday Night Planning Process

Each Quarter:

  • At the Start of Each Quarter Determine Your 3 Goals
  • At the End of Each Quarter Review Your Success

Each Week

  • Write Down Tasks for Each Goal
  • Write Down Miscellaneous Tasks
  • Assess Miscellaneous Tasks
  • Make a Conscious Choice About These Tasks
  • The Following Sunday Reflect on How You Went Working Towards Your Goals

Questions to Ask Yourself When Reviewing

  • Did you achieve your goal?
  • What did you do well?
  • Is there anything you would you do differently?
  • What did you learn about yourself?

I have created a lovely Sunday Night Planning Journal/Worksheet for you to use to help you with your Sunday Night Planning so that you can achieve your goals more quickly and with greater ease.

Essentialism Workbook

AyeshaHilton_Essentialism Workbook

“Essentialism isn’t about getting more done in less time.
It’s about getting only the right things done.”
Greg McKeown, Author of Essentialism

In the Essentialism Workbook, you will be guide through various questions to help you do more of the right things and let go of those things that don't really serve you.

Content Marketing Planner


If you have your own business, you know how important content marketing is.

With my free Content Marketing Planner, you can get yourself organised and see at a glance where you are at with your content marketing.

This is an Excel spreadsheet that you can download.


Writing & Publishing

eBook 5 Things to Do BEFORE You Start Writing Your Book

In this eBook, I share the 5 key things I recommend you do before you start writing your transformational book.

Get the tips you need to make writing your book easier and quicker.

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