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Filling your own cup first

I have learnt that I need to fill my cup as I cannot give from an empty cup. This is a cliched saying – you can’t give from an empty cup – but it remains true.

The other analogy that people use is putting your oxygen mask on before you help other people.

I have felt at times that it is selfish to fill my own cup, and that it is taking something away from my partner or children.

However, the truth is that I am the emotional barometer for my family. If I am not resourced, then my children feel it and everything deteriorates pretty quickly.

Here’s how I fill my cup:
– prioritize sleep (I have suffered long periods of insomnia and have seen how being tired affects my ability to parent )

– get some exercise, even a 20 minute walk helps revive me and connect me to myself and nature

– having a cuppa with friends (working at home means I need to prioritize social interaction) – having alone time (oh, yes to this one!)

– spending time with my partner (having fun as well as regular intimate times) – creative expression (this fills me up a lot!)

In addition to this, I need to be careful about what I say yes to and no commit to things that don’t serve my wellbeing.

What things do you do to fill your cup?
Do you find it hard to fill your cup?

Much love



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