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Fear of Being Seen


When I was at Rachel Jayne and Data Groover’s Awakening Experience last week, we did an activity where we identified what we were most afraid of.

As I scanned what people had written on my table, I was surprised that we had all written the same thing…

Fear of Being Seen

Even I had written this. I thought, “What if I am truly seen and found unworthy – unworthy of love.”

This surprised me because I put myself out there all the time. I show up as myself. And I love and appreciate myself.

Yet… this is the fear that has been holding me back.

What if I show people more of myself…
What if I declare my gifts to the world…
What if no one wants what I have to offer…

These same fears are coming up for me today especially as I invite people into my Blossom Success Academy where I can mentor and support other women in business. I do this already one on one and I am often asked to support women in this way, yet the fear has arisen.

I am sitting with the fear. Leaning into it, but not attached. Maybe no one will want my offer. But I can only put it out there and see.

Do you also have this fear of being truly seen?
How is it holding you back?

Much love



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