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Exploring the Feeling Behind Your Desires

Exploring the Feeling Behind Your Desires

I’m really into desire - working out what it is that will most please me and seeing how I can manifest it quickly and easily.

However, I have seen that sitting with some desires is really important. It’s like you are trying them on for size.

There is also an opportunity here to look beneath the desire to see what feeling you are wanting to get from the desire.

So when I desire something, I ask myself:

  • Is this truly my desire or have I adopted someone else's?
  • How would it feel to have this desire become a reality?
  • What is the feeling I want to experience by manifesting this desire?
  • Would it meet the need behind the desire?

Sometimes, when I try a desire on for size, it’s not really for me after all.

And other times, consciously thinking about the desire makes it grow more strongly.

Here’s an example:

I really want to go on a 44 day European and South African cruise that I saw an ad for. I looked it up on the website. Shared it with my partner, and we both agreed it would be an amazing experience. And this desire has sticking power. I have printed out itinerary and we have gone through it in excitement as if we are going. Right now I can’t leave my kids for 44 days nor do I have $10,000 to invest in the trip. But I am still holding this desire.

So if I unpack this desire, what this trip would provide for me would be:

  • Excitement
  • Adventure
  • Fun
  • A break from routine of daily life

So while I am waiting for this desire to manifest, which I know it will, how can I bring a little bit more of these things into my life?

In my current life circumstances, I can go for weekends away and do some small adventures close to home. That will fulfill the feeling that I am trying to create.

If I had unpacked this desire and found that it really wasn’t what I wanted. That’s fine too. I can release it and make room for something better.

I wish to acknowledge the amazing Janette Dalgliesh for her work. I did her program Unapologetic Desire and it make me rethink desire.


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