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Daring greatly and embracing vulnerability

A couple of years ago, I did a course with Brené Brown via Oprah’s website called The Gifts of Imperfection. If you’re familiar with Brené Brown’s work, you’ll know that she was a “shame” researcher for many years.

Brené Brown’s work showed me the power of vulnerability in connecting with ones. It is through vulnerability that true human connection takes place.

Vulnerability is a conduit for connection.

Throughout my life, I have presented an image of myself as confident and competent. And while I am both of these things, there were many times when I was truly broken.

As a teenager, I was so sad and alone after the death of my beloved grandmother, Minnie, but I appeared to be the opposite when I was with my school friends.

Later, as a mother of a new born baby, I chose to leave a difficult relationship and become a single parent. I was miserable and I really needed support, but it never occurred to me at the time to ask my family for help (in fact, it was only years later that I realised that I could have asked for help).

After leaving that relationship, I suffered Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). I would be fine for a while but could easily be triggered by situations or a particular person in my life. I went to a psychologist to help me recover from PTSD and to regain my confidence in myself.

The relationship I had been in made me really doubt who I was and the value I had to offer the world. It took me more than six years to recover.

In the last two years, my marriage ended and I went through a divorce. So much happened during that time that left me feeling broken again. I couldn’t share myself publicly (for six months, I barely posted on my private Facebook profile and didn’t post once on my public page). I even stopped writing.

I had been about to publish my book on Breast Reduction Surgery at around that time and it has taken me year a half since I finished the book to actually commit to publishing it.

My professional speaking coach, Sam Crawthorn, talks about bouncing forward, rather than bouncing back. (If you don’t know Sam, he had a serious car accident where he lost his right arm and the use of his right leg.)

Though I will never been the person I once was, I have bounced forward each time something has rocked the foundations of my life.

I am now finding my feet again. Solidifying the the foundations of my life. At this exact moment, I am not as confident in myself as I used to be. I’m scared to do a Facebook live. I am scared to put share myself with the world again.

But I am taking action. I am putting myself out there.

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction!

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