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Confidence Continuum

Confidence Continuum

When I was at circle facilitation training last week, other participants commented on my confidence.

I am confident. I believe in myself. But I also get nervous and scared. But I commit to putting myself out there even though it is super scary most of the time.

I am quite a sensitive person. I don't like conflict. And I am scared of haters.

It takes courage to keep going. I have done online women's circles where no one has attended live. But I committed to do the circle and showing up for myself.

So my confidence can shift up and down the Confidence Continuum as I have named it.

This morning, my beautiful man, Shayne, gave me some confidence boosting as did my fellow circle facilitators.

We all need to be supported, especially when we are doing something new and a little scary.

What's your confidence like? Does it shift depending on what you are doing or how you feel on the day?

Much love
Ayesha xox


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