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Collective Grief & Call to Action

The collective grief over the senseless deaths of the four police officers on Wednesday

Many people I have spoken with over the last two days have felt deeply saddened by the death of four police officers on Wednesday. Though we may not be personally affected by the deaths, we have felt such grief on behalf of the loved ones and for those that lost their lives in this tragedy. I cried when I found out the details. I felt heart broken for the officers’ loved ones.

Today, I was on a call with a client who was very affected by this tragedy and one of her colleagues wisely shared that this grief can be a call to action. I had tears in my eyes when this client told me what she and her team had done to show their support for the police officers in our area. They took pizza, drinks, chocolates, and flowers to the police station. When the staff member ordered pizzas, Dominos were so touched by what they were doing, they donated the pizzas, drinks and garlic bread.

This kindness is so beautiful and powerful. Not just for the recipients, but for the giver. It is also contagious in the best possible way.

Often, we feel powerless when tragedy strikes, yet there are always opportunities to take action.

Now, when I feel deeply affected by something, I want to ask myself, what is the call to action? How can I contribute or show my support.



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