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Can you love your clients?

I have thought a lot about how I run my business, the services I offer, and the way I want to work with clients.

I have put in my new marketing materials that the “difference is love.” It might seem odd to use love in a sales page for a service. But I think it is part of a paradigm shift that women are bringing to entrepreneurship.

As the Dalia Lama is often quoted as saying, “It is the western woman who is changing the world.”

What I think he means by this is that women are redefining work, family, and life in general. We want more flexibility to be with our families, a good income, and to serve our clients with love. And we also want to give back through charities and other philanthropic endeavours.

How do you want to work with clients?

I want to work with clients I love, who have products or services I can love, and who I can feel like a part of their team and be a cheerleader for their success.

I have worked for myself since 2006 when I became a single parent to a three-week-old baby girl. Since then, my work has predominantly been through word of mouth. I have said yes to clients that I feel are a good fit for me and I for them. Some clients I have worked with since I first started – so we are going into our 13th year of working together.

Over time, the services I have offered have changed. But the thing that has remained the same is that over and over again, I fall in love with a client and their business. I become their most avid cheerleader.

There have, of course, been times when a client and I have not been a good fit. We have parted ways. And that’s okay. There are tons of people doing what I do in the world, but there is only one me doing it the way I do.

And the same is true of you. Perhaps you’re a coach. There might be other people coaching on mindset or manifesting, but there is only one you, with your unique perspective and experience.

Some people will resonate with you. And some won’t. That’s great. You can’t work with everyone.

But you can choose to work with those you love, and release those that don’t.


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