Breast Reduction Surgery: A Practical Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery & Recovery


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Breast Reduction Surgery

A Practical Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery & Recovery


Here's What You'll Learn in the Book

Understanding Breast Reduction Surgery

Understand the anatomy of the breast and the different types of breast reduction surgery.

Choosing a Surgeon

Find out how to locate a surgeon, what questions to ask them, and how to make your final decision.

Insurance & Costs

Get a general overview of the cost of surgery and the insurance process.

The Day of Surgery

Find out what to expect on the day of your surgery.


Find out about the recovery process and caring for yourself after surgery.

Bonus Information

Find out about nutrition to improve recovery, how to care for young children after surgery, and the impact of weight gain or loss on your breasts after surgery.


Inform, Support & Empower Women

I wrote Breast Reduction Surgery to inform, support and empower women around the world who are considering or have had breast reduction surgery.

The core principles that informed the work are:

  • Every woman is beautiful and unique
  • Women have the right to make informed choices
  • Women need to do what is right for them without judgment
  • Provide support and nurture women
  • Seek to understand the needs of women

A Note form Ayesha

For more than 20 years, I was plagued with constant headaches, neck and back pain, and indented shoulders from bra straps.

I dreamed of having breast reduction for years, but I wanted to wait until I finished having children and breastfeeding.

I had my second, and last, child at a 38 - much later than I had planned.

Two years later, I was finally done with breastfeeding, and I was ready for a breast reduction.

I lost a lot of weight before my surgery and got my breasts down from an H cup to an E cup. I had a lot of excess skin and my breast when unsupported by a bra nearly reached my naval. I would stuff my breasts into a bra and they would look normal. Not so when I was naked.

In March 2015, I had my breast reduction. I went from an E cup to a C cup. It changed my life. I could finally buy pretty bras, get clothes that fit well, and I was no longer in constant pain.

As I lay in hospital, a couple of hours after my surgery, still groggy from the anesthesia, I decided to write a book about breast reduction surgery.

I had previously written a blog post about my breast reduction. When I shared it on Facebook, I was inundated with personal messages from women who had either had a reduction themselves or who wanted to have one.

I realized that while there were lots of blogs, YouTube videos, and forums, the information was overwhelming for most women.

The women that contacted me, told me they wanted:

  1. To talk to someone they trusted about their decision
  2. Get clear and concise information about the breast reduction process
  3. Be supported during the process

My book, Breast Reduction: A practical guide to breast reduction surgery, was born from a desire to help women around the world who are considering, or have had, breast reduction surgery.

I'm a writer and coach, so it was only natural for me to use my personal experience and research skills to create a book.

My wish for all women is that we can fall in love with our bodies, with all their beautiful imperfections, and to be truly comfortable in our own skin. For many of us, this means having a breast reduction.

Before breast reduction surgery
Before breast reduction surgery
A couple of hours after surgery
A couple of hours after surgery

Breast Reduction: A Practical to Breast Reduction Surgery & Recovery

Breast Reduction written by Ayesha Hilton

Get Your Copy As Soon as It Launches

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