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Books by Ayesha Hilton

Ayesha  is an Amazon Bestselling author, business mentor, book lover, mother of two, and obsessive learner.

As a young child, Ayesha love writing. After enrolling in university to study economics and then teaching, Ayesha re-kindled her love of writing when she undertook a Bachelor of Communications in Professional Writing.

Since then Ayesha spent many years working as a technical writer, before becoming a published author. Aside from writing her own books, Ayesha has also been a contributing author in several anthologies. She would love to write fiction, but alas, non-fiction is where her talents lie (for now).

Ayesha is currently working on her next book about being a spiritual, conscious entrepreneur.


Available Now!

Breast Reduction Surgery: The Complete Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery & Recovery

In 2015, Ayesha had breast reduction surgery. She shared her personal struggles on her blog and got an amazing response. Many women have since had breast reduction surgery themselves after talking with Ayesha.

As she lay in hospital, just hours after her surgery, Ayesha realized that women wanted women wanted more information to help them make a decision about whether a breast reduction was right for them. Ayesha decided that she would document my breast reduction journey, survey other women about their concerns about the surgery, and talk to those who'd already had a breast reduction.

Her book, Breast Reduction Surgery, is a complete guide for women considering breast reduction surgery.


Fast Book Writing

Write Your Book in 30 Days or Less

Ayesha has a skill for writing a book quickly and she distilled her expertise into this easy to read book so about how to write a non-fiction book in 30 days or less. The book aims to help business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs grow their business and profile by becoming a published author.

Who Gets the Farm?

A practical guide to farm succession planning

Ayesha used to be a farmer's wife and wrote a book with her then husband, Nick Shady, called Who Gets the Farm - A Practical Guide for Farm Succession Planning. Nick is a successful farm and mental health advocate and they wrote this book to inspire farming families to take practical action to create a succession plan. See the Family Farming website for more information:


Mandala Coloring Books for Adults

Ayesha has published two mandala coloring books one inspired by South East Asia and the other inspired by the Pacific Islands. Ayesha grew up in India and was raised a Buddhist and she fell in love with mandalas at an early age.

Love Notes - Wedding Anniversary

This is a beautiful journal to celebrate a couple’s wedding anniversary. Rather than writing a card each, year, the couple can write down love notes in this journal.

Contributing Author

Since 2015, Ayesha has had the opportunity to be a contributing author to a number of anthology books.

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