Repurpose your Podcasts and Facebook Videos Automatically

Repurpose your Podcasts and Facebook Videos Automatically

If you don’t know it by now, I love technology. After I finished university, I worked for an IT firm writing online help manuals. Then, after I worked in Thailand as an Aid Worker, I returned to Melbourne and worked with Sausage Software who developed the first HTML WYSIWIG editor called Hot Dog. I then went on to work as a consultant with Accenture and work in the human design aspects of large software projects.

Today, I want to share with you one of the coolest things I have been using lately. Created by Hani Mourra, this cool cloud based app is called Repurpose. Repurpose allows you to do a number of really cool things:

  • Fully Automated (Set it and Forget it)
  • Audio Podcast to YouTube and Facebook
  • Audio Podcast to SoundCloud
  • Facebook Live to YouTube
  • Facebook Live to Audio
  • Publish Your Content to Google Drive and Dropbox

I’m going to give you a demo and walk you through how easy Repurpose is to use!

You can see how it has worked for me by checking out my YouTube channel:

Also check out my Facebook page at:

Get Your Copy of Repurpose:

Please note this is an affiliate link. I only recommend products I personally use and love!

Here are the prices for repurpose:
$12 / month for 1 Podcast -> YouTube/Facebook
$12 / month for 1 Facebook profile, group, or page to YouTube
$20 / month for 5 podcasts, all FB groups, profiles, and pages to YouTube

Let me know what you think of Repurpose!