Do you do Facebook Live Videos? Check out BeLive.TV

Do you do Facebook Live Videos? You’ll love what I share on Tech Tuesday! Check out BeLive.TV A few people have asked me about BeLive.TV. I only just started using it, but I am happy to give you a look around at what you can do! There are currently three modes for BeLive.TV: 1. Q&A…

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What idea would you share with the world if you had 10 minutes?

Today on a training I participated in online, Awaken Your Stage with Rachel Jayne Groover and Datta Groover, we were asked the question: “What would you share if you have ten minutes?” We were instructed to bring out attention to our body, drop into our belly and heart space, and to breathe. As music played…

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We can’t all be pretty, but we can all be beautiful!

Not everyone can be pretty. But every woman can be beautiful!Not everyone can be pretty. But every woman can be beautiful Most of us do no look like the ideal woman. We are not all barbies. Maybe we have small boobs, big boobs, hips, bellies. Short hair, long hair. What if all women felt beautiful?…

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