Two Practical Evernote Tips


Two Practical Evernote Tips

Do you use Evernote? Do you like it? Or does it overwhelm you?

I personally love Evernote and have it on all my devices (mobile phone, desktop computer, laptop, and iPad). The two tips I share made a big difference to how useful Evernote is for me. Hope you find them helpful.

1. Email to Evernote

Did you know you can email to Evernote?

Your account has an Evernote Email attached to it. You can find your email at the Accounts Details. If you have an email you would like to save to Evernote, just send it to your Evernote email address. I like to send through ticket bookings, course registration, login details, client emails, etc.

Find Your Evernote Email Address

  1. Open Evernote
  2. Click Tools
  3. Account Info
  4. You will see your Evernote email which will be something like –

Forward Emails To Your Evernote Email Address

  1. Open your email.
  2. Select the email you want to send to Evernote.
  3. Forward the email to your Evernote email address.
  4. To specify the destination notebook, append the subject line with the symbol “@” followed by the name of an existing notebook; to add a tag, include “#” followed by an existing tag.
  5. If sending emails to a recently created notebook or tagging with a recently created tag, remember to sync your account first.
  6. If adding both notebook and tag information, be sure to include the notebook name first.

2. Screenshot & Clip Web Pages

You can save a webpage article or a screenshot to Evernote.

  1. Install the Evernote Clipper (just do a google search for this) and then quickly and easily save a web page in various different formats straight to Evernote.
  2. Do a google search for the Evernote Clipper plugin.
  3. Install the Clipper to your browser.
  4. Click the Elephant symbol to clip or do a screenshot that will be saved to Evernote.


Note: I used a new software for streaming for this video, so there’s a bit of delay in the beginning while I worked out how to use it. The sound quality wasn’t as good as normal either. 

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you don’t have Evernote, you can get it at

Much love,

Ayesha xox


PS Do you have an Evernote tip to share? If so, comment below. I’m always keen to learn more practical tips.