How do you find a breast reduction surgeon?

Once you’ve decided to have a breast reduction, the most important decision you have to make is choosing your surgeon. If you are undecided, meeting with a surgeon should help you with your decision. Consider the process of choosing a surgeon like you’re interviewing them for a job – the most important role of transforming…

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Can you breast feed after breast reduction surgery?

While many women choose to wait until they’ve finished having children and breastfeeding before having a reduction, for others, this isn’t an option. Other women may not have met someone they would like to have children with and wonder if they ever will. They don’t want to put off having their breast reduction for a…

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Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques

There are several common breast reduction techniques. While you may have a preference for the type of breast reduction you want, the technique your surgeon suggests will depend on a number of factors. Factors that influence the type of surgery suitable for you, and will give you the best outcome include: Your breast size The…

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The Power of One Person to Change a Life

I hold the letters in my hands. The envelopes are addressed in the cursive script taught in the early 1900s. I treasure these letters written to me over so many years. They are from the first person I felt truly loved by. Her name was Margaret Roberts but to me she was always Minnie. She…

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