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Do you have Black Friday FOMO?

Do you ever have FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out? Many marketing tactics use FOMO to encourage people to buy. As the US enters the Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy, I personally feel the FOMO mounting. I love cool and useful apps and software – that’s my weakness – along with training programs.…

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My top Recommendations for Black Friday Deals

Is your mail box full of Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers? The offers are coming out earlier and earlier each year as people try and get in early with their promos. I have been keeping an eye out for good specials on products that I use and can confidently recommend to you. These are…

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How do you welcome new members into a Facebook Group?

Connect on Facebook Share Powered by the Simple Social Press You know those posts that welcome new members to a Facebook group? This video wills how you how to do that. I personally can fin these posts annoying as a group member if there are dozens of these posts each day, but one a week…

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Collective Grief & Call to Action

The collective grief over the senseless deaths of the four police officers on Wednesday Many people I have spoken with over the last two days have felt deeply saddened by the death of four police officers on Wednesday. Though we may not be personally affected by the deaths, we have felt such grief on behalf…

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