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Appreciating the Masculine

I saw a post on Facebook asking when it became politically incorrect to be masculine. In my personal evolution and through my work with The Art of Feminine Presence, I have learned a lot about the feminine and the masculine. I think as a culture, we don’t do a very good job of appreciating the masculine.

Over the last few decades, we have seen both men and women converge in the neutral zone between masculine and feminine. When we are in the neutral zone, neither men nor women are in their full power. Of course, there is a time for men to be more in their feminine, and women to be more in the masculine.

And if you’re single, you really want to be aware of what you are thinking and saying about men. If all men are bastards and all the good ones are taken – this is what will show up in your world.

As you know, what we focus on expands and we get more of it showing up. How often do we actively appreciate the masculine and the men in our lives?

Here are some of the beautiful qualities of the masculine:
• Protective
• Fixers
• Doers
• Providers
• And they want to make us happy!

What other things do you appreciate about men?

Your Mission for today (if you choose to take it):

For the women – Notice and appreciate three masculine things about the men in your life. You might do this at work, at home with your partner, with a family member, at the supermarket, or even online.

For the men – What can you do today to be more in your masculine? Can you do something for a loved one?



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